1st Trial

1st trial was taken on gram flour due to absence of ragi flour.


1/2 kg of gram flour

150 gm dalda

300 gm powder sugar

Procedure followed –

1. Taken ghee and melt it.

2.After melting , added gram flour and stir it upto colour changes to brownish .

Following readings were taken –

Weight of LPG cylinder before roasting -19.83 kg

Weight of LPG cylinder after roasting – 19.79 kg

Temperature of flour before roasting -27.8 C

Temperature of flour after roasting -126.2 C

Time required to roast – 36 min

2nd Trial 

2nd trial was takenon half kg of ragi flour .


300 gm of flour

120 gm dalda

150 gm sugar

Procedure followed –

1. Added small amount of dalda in pan and melt it

2. Added flour and stir it continuously.

3.Added remaining dalda into flour and stir it again continuously .

4. Stir it upto color of flour changes to dark.

Readings taken –

1.Weight of LPG cylinder before roasting -16.56 kg

Weight of LPG cylinder after roasting – 16.53 kg

2.Readings of temperature of pan bottom during roasting :

Time interval Temperature of pan bottom
At starting 63.8°C
After 5 min 93.3°C
After 10 min 99.6°C
After 15 min 140 °C
After 20 min 196 °C

3.Readings of temperature of flour during roasting :

Time interval Temperature of flour
At starting 23.3°C
After 5 min 72.3°C
After 10 min 80.2°C
After 15 min 126°C
After 20 min 138°C
After roasting 143.15°C

4.Temperature of flame at starting -72°C

Temperature of flame after 10 min -198°C

5.Weight of flour + dalda before roasting -420 gm

Weight of flour + dalda after roasting – 400 gm

Visit to Laddoo making unit at Falode ,Taleghar , Tal : Ambegaon 

 On 27th Feb , 2018 , I was visited to Shahid Rajguru Svayansevi Sanstha , Falode where processing of Ragi laddoo is done .

Following procedure  were followed to roast of flour –

1.At starting flame kept slow and add small amount of ghee

2.After melting of ghee added flour and flame increased.

3, Stirred it continuously upto compete roasting .

4. After roasting off the gas and again added melted ghee and powder sugar and stirred        it.

5.And bind the laddoos .

Following readings were taken during roasting :

  1. Temperature of flour
Time Temperature of flour
11:30 am 30.85°C
11:40 am 74.5°C
11:50 am 119.4°C
11:55am 146.5°C
12:00pm 180°C